Eminem - Respect The G.O.A.T. (2019)


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Eminem - Respect The G.O.A.T. (Remix 2019)
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    I will just say,this mix is AMAZING!

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    Boika is great

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    Respect the goat

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    Thank you for Extraordinary Song..can I use this track for my Editing??

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    I'm a goat And for those of y'all who don't know what a goat is It means the greatest of all time And I consider myself one of those So thank you very much, here it goes! This is the part I was worried about Everyone thinks that my career is down the tubes And I'm in some dusty garage inhaling them carbon monoxide fumes And everyone's telling me what I should do And how I should come out and what to rap about And I know I got a lot up in my medulla oblongata that I gotta get out And I'm not sure how this is gonna come off They're probably gonna think that I'm coming off as cocky (haha) Like I just started giving a fuck what you really think about me See, the thing about me Is you don't really know a thing about me Everyone's making a stink about me Like there's some kind of a aura of that of the king around me Surround me with nothin' but gangsters, killers, and bangers And the most dangerous criminals And I feel like I'm more comfortable around Them than I do my own motherfuckin' neighbors But, see, my dream is to be remembered as one of the best when I leave But why does it seem like I'm not even Put up in the same category as other emcees? So when Weezy says that he's better than Jay-z Please, be that just subliminally Means he thinks Jigga's the best and that he's The only one up in that league, see And it's easy just to consider me one Of the greatest white rappers there is Knowing god damn well that I'm one of the Best motherfucking rappers who ever lived period. I'm a goat And I don't mean to gloat But I know what I know and I know what you think And these magazines'll never put it in ink Because how would it look if they considered me as a goat? And for those of y'all who don't know what a goat is It means the greatest of all time And I consider myself one of those So thank you very much, here it goes! Maybe they figure that I'm on my way out the game So they gotta go try to find em a new Eminem Or a new Shady, if they think it's gonna happen Man, I thought I was crazy Or maybe I could be takin' it wrong and They're tryna pay homage to me in a strange way So let me pay homage to my fellow White competitors almost in the same way See, you hardly ever do hear anyone Even bringing up that Paul Wall's white Cause lyrically he doesn't pose a Threat to anyone, see, he's just aight And Bubba Sparxxx, he just won't write Because he's so caught up in that snow white That Timbaland can't even get him in the studio He's so gone off that coke, right And it's so sad, cause he's dope, right America's next great white hope, right So now they feel like they gotta come up With some corny ass white rapper show, right And which I'm still havin' mixed feelings about They said it'd be real, I'm just spillin' it out There's somethin' about a white boy talking black And runnin' around with a damn grill in his mouth And I love when the say that Tiger Woods shit "Isn't it ironic that the best Rapper's white and the best golfer's black?" And I'm the one who's gotta catch all the flack offa' that But these are the people who never had Heard of an Eminem until 8 Mile had came out But I had already hit middle America Parents had all got to likin' me now When suddenly I wasn't such a bad guy All of the hatred for me must've died Thought I committed career suicide So I had to turn back into the bad guy So faggoty faggoty faggoty gays And anatomy God made Raggedy Ann and Andy Not Raggedy Andy and Andy and Andy And Angelina Jolie is just another ho And Brad is a sucka' because once I fuck her She wants to go to Somalia to adopt another baby You know what I say? No You better save some of them kids from Madonna She needs all the publicity she can get You want a Shady? Well, you got it, man I ain't apologizin' for shit. I'm a goat And I don't mean to gloat But I know what I know and I know what you think And these magazines'll never put it in ink Because how would it look if they considered me as a goat? And for those of y'all who don't know what a goat is It means the greatest of all time And I consider myself one of those So thank you very much, here it goes! Man, I'm takin' my ball and goin' home, man Shit is too easy Nobody even wants to pass me the ball cause (I'm a goat) So don't worry, I'm out the motherfuckin' game And y'all can sit and argue about who's the motherfuckin' best But y'all know that (I'm a goat) And like I said, I'm one of the motherfuckin' best Before you get your panties in a motherfuckin' bunch But before I go, I'd like to say fuck you very much to Everybody who wasn't there from the start And thank you very much to everybody who was And y'all ain't gotta say it, just think it Cause I know that you know that I know That you know that I know that you know (I'm a goat) (Hahahaha) I'm out, y'all It's been real, peace Ey I need a slot in this I have a goatee I think everybody thinks I'm hot I trot Who am I kidding chubby and girls won't even let me see a slot I have to pay for it oops I mean I'm not Tricks no treats that's what she tells me when we complete I think she loves me wanna know why her pussy is so neat I repeat my first go at greatness is prostitutes Pooted the first verse so here let me reword it Toot it and boot it im the biggest of pimps u can see I kid I kid don't have no dogs with hands up they ass prank calling me Yo em can we fix this shit so I can have some friends Social but media no thanks to insta gramming po po Everything I can tell a soul I rather dig me a regular hole then jump on in I don't see a thing looks to me your fucking ned Flanders Really I assume cartoons aren't real Ur right guess we will just watch your fucking ass all night

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