7 Must-Have Elegant Summer Wardrobe Staples

Οδηγίες και στυλ

Ladies, summer is here, what are we going to wear? Find out in today's video which 7 must-have summer items every elegant lady should have in her closet! classycheatsheet.com - click here to download my FREE Cheatsheet: How To Look Expensive (regardless of budget!) to learn more about styling yourself like a high-caliber woman,
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  • alexandra ntoris
    alexandra ntorisΠριν 4 ώρες

    I hope to see more videos in the future about how to be elegant in our everyday routine.... More about manners.... Thank you ❤️

  • sh s
    sh sΠριν 5 ημέρες

    I can listen to you whole day ❤️

  • Elize Shops
    Elize ShopsΠριν 10 ημέρες

    I like your advices ana it’s aligned in a sort of conservative but still elegant

  • Angela Nix
    Angela NixΠριν 21 ημέρα

    I really like that first option from the dresses. Do you have a link?

  • Sandra Radosavljevic
    Sandra RadosavljevicΠριν 22 ημέρες

    Great advices! Thanks!

  • Therapy Pony
    Therapy PonyΠριν μήνα

    Get buying those summer staples now ladies in the out of season sales! X

  • Emma Darsin
    Emma DarsinΠριν μήνα

    A small pearl necklace and earrings with this outfit would make you look like a princess 😍

  • Elena Somfelean
    Elena SomfeleanΠριν μήνα

    My dear ladies. When we iron a shirt or a dress, we never cut the cuffs. It is not elegant for a lady.

  • edwina penn
    edwina pennΠριν 2 μήνες

    Do you mean cotton when you say linen?

  • Yoki Lee
    Yoki LeeΠριν 3 μήνες

    I must be one of the only people in the world that doesn't like the beach..

  • Cadi
    CadiΠριν 3 μήνες

    I'm curious of your opinion on summer makeup and toe nail polish👍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Primrose Z J Bimha
    Primrose Z J BimhaΠριν 3 μήνες

    This is so helpful ! Thank you

  • Erin Noon
    Erin NoonΠριν 4 μήνες

    Please update with a fall edition! Thank you!

  • Gigi P
    Gigi PΠριν 4 μήνες

    Wow, I was just visiting other youtube channels about "looking expensive" and Anna, you have the best channel. I can't believe how terrible the other sites are and the advice they are giving is terrible. Some have a million viewers! No wonder there are so many non-elegant sophisticate women out there. Getting bad bad advice. :) Thanks for all you do!

  • Briana Kelley
    Briana KelleyΠριν 4 μήνες

    Who's here to see what to buy on summer clearance??!? 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea RodriguezΠριν 4 μήνες

    Where are your favourite places to shop? Preferably affordable affluent woman :)

  • Sarah Mackeprang Esquell
    Sarah Mackeprang EsquellΠριν 4 μήνες

    Thank you so much for encouraging everyone to check out their local stores! There's a much better chance of finding that one perfect accessory or garment that one can only find in that particular store.

  • D.W
    D.WΠριν 4 μήνες

    I prefer one piece togs by far, I used to have horrible scarring on my legs and so I had to wear board shorts and usually went with a bikini because it looks less awkward to wear with the shorts. So when I got skin graft surgery I bought two one pieces because I think they are womanly and I had been dying to wear one for years haha

  • Latoya Jones
    Latoya JonesΠριν 5 μήνες

    Hi Anna! Im a new subbie and WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! lol. I am going to binge watch your videos! I consider myself a classy lady but I can always learn something new and I LOVE this type of content! Thank you for helping women look and feel their best!

  • ana rup
    ana rupΠριν 5 μήνες

    That golden suit suits you

  • Kelsey Stephen
    Kelsey StephenΠριν 5 μήνες

    Hi Anna, is it appropriate for taller ladies to wear heels in the daytime? I always feels out of place when I tower above my friends and I worry that it may appear as if I'm trying to hard since I already have the height without the heels

  • Elena Kogan
    Elena KoganΠριν 5 μήνες

    The quarantine might be over, but the pandemic is roaring around the world. Why would you go to the beach or to a social event? Is there going to be a video on how to look elegant in a hospital bed or under a ventilator?

  • Carla G
    Carla GΠριν 5 μήνες

    Quarantine is over? Where?!? I wanna go there 😂😭 I struggle in summer cause I start melting at 27°C and I live in Mexico City where temperature keeps getting higher, add traffic and pollution and it feels gross. I also don't like sleeveless cause I feel naked

  • Creative Planet Janet
    Creative Planet JanetΠριν 5 μήνες

    I was hoping she would have had some mask wardrobe ideas.

  • Luisa Ana
    Luisa AnaΠριν 5 μήνες

    Very elegant lady ~ very wise opinions 😘

  • Judy Ann Hunt
    Judy Ann HuntΠριν 5 μήνες

    Excellent ideas along with a few more inspiring thoughts to make my look smart. Thank you ur the best 🤓

  • Emma Alvarez
    Emma AlvarezΠριν 5 μήνες

    How are we going to attract men with a mask on?

  • hazele ge
    hazele geΠριν 5 μήνες

    I have to wear hijab in my country no matter what the weather is! But still I watch this cause you are amazing Anna! 🌸

  • Katherine Klevenow
    Katherine KlevenowΠριν 5 μήνες

    Don't forget everyone's favorite accessory! Masks! 😷

  • 0 0
    0 0Πριν 5 μήνες

    Love love love your outfit 😍 💛 💕

  • Janet Pattison
    Janet PattisonΠριν 5 μήνες

    Excellent talk Anna, on men to avoid. Wealth is just one aspect to the relationship, and , it needs to be a good match on every level. Physically, intellectually, Spiritually, and more.

  • Fernanda Godo
    Fernanda GodoΠριν 5 μήνες

    I love your videos! and wish you could do more about loungewear since the isolation are still happening in many places and the video you made was really amazing!!

  • Jaana Garber
    Jaana GarberΠριν 6 μήνες

    I enjoyed your giggly, fun mood today! Thank you for sharing!

  • Kim Gordon
    Kim GordonΠριν 6 μήνες

    #5 I love a beach Basket

  • Kim Gordon
    Kim GordonΠριν 6 μήνες

    Mid length sun floral dress (go to)

  • Kim Gordon
    Kim GordonΠριν 6 μήνες

    "laying down shoes" 😷 saved 4 that

  • Ashley Anna Taylor
    Ashley Anna TaylorΠριν 6 μήνες

    we love a queen who is truly dedicated to elegance!❤

  • Rawr Hihi
    Rawr HihiΠριν 6 μήνες

    When you clicked the video not because it's summer, but because you live in a country with hot climate

  • Parker Kate
    Parker KateΠριν 6 μήνες

    Great staples, my only word of advice would be to show examples of ladies whom are fuller figured and less model like for your examples images.

  • Wassocks
    WassocksΠριν 6 μήνες

    Thank you for all of your fashion tips Anna!! I have never understood how to dress elegantly but you break this down into easy to understand steps xx

  • super doopa
    super doopaΠριν 6 μήνες

    Thanks for this wonderful advice. I love your accent. Definitely gonna be on the hunt for some smart shorts. Are there any particular websites or stores that are good for this? You always look so elegant and polished. Thank you Anna for these videos.

  • Heather Manning
    Heather ManningΠριν 6 μήνες

    Thanks for Sharing!!! 💜💜💜💜

  • Darkhorse
    DarkhorseΠριν 6 μήνες

    C'mon give me a pass on black Blazers and tops, I'm an inverted triangle, I look like a line backer with anything but black on top!

  • Kay Novo
    Kay NovoΠριν 6 μήνες

    Anna , you re so sparkling and classy ! What a role model for our generation !

  • Abhishikta Saha
    Abhishikta SahaΠριν 6 μήνες

    Can you please tell me from where did you get the dress you are wearing? Gorgeous.

  • Kimberly Perrotis
    Kimberly PerrotisΠριν 6 μήνες

    I agree 7 cm is the perfect daytime heel height, not being able to walk is never elegant. So many women, in my opinion, spoil their look by wearing super-high heels, which are often associated, around here, with the wrong sort of woman. I just wish more manufacturers made heels around 7 cm, shoes seem to be mostly either flat or high-heel, the choices for mid-heels are so limited. Thanks for another great video.

  • Titina's Trails
    Titina's TrailsΠριν 6 μήνες

    I have a Few linen clothes for Uniclo, they are adorable and look lovely. !!!

  • ana elle
    ana elleΠριν 6 μήνες

    Where i live it's winter but i will apply your advise during summer in november

  • Barbara Palmer
    Barbara PalmerΠριν 6 μήνες

    WHAT is a deep seated problem that anyone would lack the insight not understand our lovely ANNA

  • Maria Cristina Alvarez
    Maria Cristina AlvarezΠριν 6 μήνες

    Love you Anna, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow 😘❤️

  • F Starr
    F StarrΠριν 6 μήνες

    I think a 1 piece bathing suit can be very elegant and alluring. They can be sensual, classy and also really enhance the figure.

  • vanishia ekumi
    vanishia ekumiΠριν 6 μήνες

    I love when you give examples and you appear, it makes me feel woah....

  • Jacqueline Noakes
    Jacqueline NoakesΠριν 6 μήνες

    I enjoy listening to you. You are so knowledgeable. Your information make me feel so good and make me excited about investing in myself.

  • iuliaioana.bliss
    iuliaioana.blissΠριν 6 μήνες

    Just bought my first pairs of white pants: shorts and medium lenght. Since I’ve started to listen to your videos my shopping has become more targeted. I used to like neutral and earthy colors and now having your confirmation that these colors are the most elegant and safest I feel so much confident about my taste.

  • Happydaze
    HappydazeΠριν 6 μήνες

    Hi everyone, what are some of the good quality (but bit affordable) clothing brands in Uk? Thankyou💕

  • Lala Kethobile
    Lala KethobileΠριν 6 μήνες

    It's Saturday and I'm have an Anna binge... I'm trying to shoot a GRglo video and I need to watch her enough times to be inspired to speak as elegantly. I speak really fast....

  • High standards
    High standardsΠριν 6 μήνες

    What about neutral coloured raw silk instead of linen?

  • ELLE F
    ELLE FΠριν 6 μήνες

    I love your vids! My fav is the white dressy shorts and the white beach cover up blouse. We are under mask mandatory, how can I look good wearing a mask? I love your help!💕

  • Leticia Urbach
    Leticia UrbachΠριν 6 μήνες

    I dont see earrings on you can you explain why? Thanks for your videos.

  • Ericka Zamora
    Ericka ZamoraΠριν 6 μήνες

    Could you do a video on what glasses/sunglasses you would wear?

  • Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE
    Cleopatra TROPHY WIFEΠριν 6 μήνες


  • DeepSeaRockMonster
    DeepSeaRockMonsterΠριν 6 μήνες

    I love how you never show a lot of skin. Your style is tasteful and classy. You’re beautiful.

  • H M
    H MΠριν 6 μήνες

    Hey Anna 👋🏻 I love your videos and tips for fashion, elegance, and etiquette. I was wondering, as a first time pregnant mom, if you had any tips for women who were expecting or are staying at home with their newborns to still look elegant and feminine. I don’t want to let myself go with oversized shirts and leggings. Thanks so much for all the information you give. ❤️

  • Teresa Fontaine
    Teresa FontaineΠριν 6 μήνες

    I really need to join your classes and do better ♡︎

  • Jennifer Ahluwalia
    Jennifer AhluwaliaΠριν 6 μήνες

    It's forever summer where I live now 🇲🇾🔥

  • Sonya Lynn
    Sonya LynnΠριν 6 μήνες

    Hi Anna, Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful video. I was wondering if you could do some clothing choices for a size 12-14 size lady or a more full figured woman. Also, if you could include some information for older elegant ladies would be very helpful. I think you will double your views and interest in all that you do as everyone needs help. Thanks again.

  • Katka
    KatkaΠριν 6 μήνες

    I love your videos and have learned so many things from you. I would love to see a video about hair as well. Which style you consider elegant or not. I have thin hair and even that I like long hair, it doesn't work for me. I have short hair. Not short as men, but short bob. And I always hear that short hair are not feminine, neither elegant, which I disagree if the general style of a woman is elegant and feminine. But I would love to hear your opinion about this subject. Thank you and greetings from Greece...:)

  • Barbara Knörer
    Barbara KnörerΠριν 6 μήνες

    Leinen knittert edel! Linen wrinkles in style!;-)

  • E M
    E MΠριν 6 μήνες

    J Crew makes great linen shirts and fitted white cotton blouses! I love a crisp white shirt.

  • Fransiska Darmawan
    Fransiska DarmawanΠριν 6 μήνες

    Hi Anna! Can you please do a video about choosing elegant sunglasses for summer? Thank you so much xx

    GEOS GRUPΠριν 6 μήνες

    The HAT and the SCARF

  • Diana K
    Diana KΠριν 6 μήνες

    Do not like white shorts as make bum look big. Like classy black shorts only

  • Noris Quezada
    Noris QuezadaΠριν 6 μήνες

    Thank you for all your teachings! I wish I had an older sister or best friend like yo while growing up to help me become a more elegant woman... I appreciate you honesty, candor and many advices... I m lucky to have found you!

  • Snapchat Storyteller
    Snapchat StorytellerΠριν 6 μήνες

    Your wallpaper is kind of 50s and tacky I’d suggest different pattern and pictures aren’t that fancy horses are fancy

  • Madelynne Brazile
    Madelynne BrazileΠριν 6 μήνες

    Yes!! This is exactly the video I’ve been waiting for. Thanks so much!

  • Janie B
    Janie BΠριν 6 μήνες

    I would love to buy a white bathing suit; however, every one I try gets see through when wet. Does anyone have any brands or suit suggestions?

  • Iiv
    IivΠριν 7 μήνες

    Greetings from Estonia :)

  • Özlem DG
    Özlem DGΠριν 7 μήνες

  • Vegan With Love
    Vegan With LoveΠριν 7 μήνες

    Thank you, Anna!!😻😻

  • Catherine Daydreamer
    Catherine DaydreamerΠριν 7 μήνες

    I second the white shorts. I got one two years and it is one of my fav things to wear during summer plus it is classy even with a sporty look !

  • Adi B
    Adi BΠριν 7 μήνες

    I love that Anna actually considered the entire world with the first tip, and mentioned that in some countries it might be too hot! :) GRglors who talk of fashion are usually American centric or Euro-centric when it comes to their approach, and I love that Anna is considering everyone!

  • Zinhle Ndlovu
    Zinhle NdlovuΠριν 7 μήνες

    I bought a lilac blazer today. 🙂

  • Tariahs Lifestyle
    Tariahs LifestyleΠριν 7 μήνες

    Quarantine is over wen was it over

  • lourdes salazar
    lourdes salazarΠριν 7 μήνες

    Ana please make videos on home decoration and style, your house is so pretty and since we are spending more time at home we might make it prettier :)

  • Gina Late
    Gina LateΠριν 7 μήνες

    Beach bag as yours I had probably 30 years ago from Africa and I still have it and it's still in great condition, and it's very comfortable and timeless!

  • Diane F
    Diane FΠριν 7 μήνες

    Love the white short idea! Classic..

  • Emma Clement
    Emma ClementΠριν 7 μήνες

    I do appreciate a nice short intro 🌷

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    Jingya WeiΠριν 7 μήνες

    love the zimmermann dress you are wearing

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    Olivia CorteseΠριν 7 μήνες

    I love this channel so much .

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    Victoria TaylorΠριν 7 μήνες

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  • Real Talk
    Real TalkΠριν 7 μήνες

    I buy expensive bags but i will not buy an expensive beach bag. Because they will steal it easier when im in the sea. Hell no 🌊

  • Erika Bardere
    Erika BardereΠριν 7 μήνες

    During quarantine, I visited over 20+ websites from several countries & realized how hard it is to find clothes that are NOT *polyester* 😒😓 unless it was very high end. _Do any ladies have recommendations on where to shop for natural materials?_ And I don't mean H&M or Zara

  • Katy
    KatyΠριν 7 μήνες

    It's so hard to find short heels

  • johne tada
    johne tadaΠριν 7 μήνες

    love this video

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    Salim dewi shintaΠριν 7 μήνες

    Hi, I wonder how many roses you have inside the vase?

  • Iris Ioannou
    Iris IoannouΠριν 7 μήνες

    I never wear bikinis!! I'm wearing beautiful simple and stylish one piece bathing suits!!! They are so elegant

  • Robina Kagie Bila
    Robina Kagie BilaΠριν 7 μήνες

    Hey I really wanna share a verse from the Bible that really resignated with me: 25 “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life-whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Matthew 6:25 NLT Don’t worry about what you are gonna wear because you are more than your clothes :) God bless you ❤️

  • Karly Burke
    Karly BurkeΠριν 7 μήνες

    I love videos like this ❤️

  • Jessica S
    Jessica SΠριν 7 μήνες

    Hi Anna, so how did you handle buying clothes and looking elegant during your weightloss. I'm losing weight but it's beginning to get costly trying to keep up with my size changes lol 😆