Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)


Listen to “Therefore I Am”, out now:

Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


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    يابنت ليش سحبتي علي ورحتي السوق بدوني😡😠

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    AnymationΠριν 4 λεπτά

    This is pretty mediocre from elilsh standards

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    OMG! Hi

  • Angel Sclyfa
    Angel SclyfaΠριν 7 λεπτά

    Best song of my life lol

  • Amber Williams
    Amber WilliamsΠριν 7 λεπτά

    Did she do this because recently somebody has mentioned something about her weight I'm confused who cares anybody has to say anyways she's got all these views in one week obviously she's doing amazing things

  • kimmy
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  • Xaropinn
    XaropinnΠριν 10 λεπτά

    Esfomiada do cão hahahahhahah♡

  • The River Person
    The River PersonΠριν 10 λεπτά

    Billie pullin a Clifford DeVoe on us

  • Andraile Valente
    Andraile ValenteΠριν 10 λεπτά

    POV : Your trying to say "Stop" like billie

  • SunFlower Studio
    SunFlower StudioΠριν 11 λεπτά

    oops j'avais oublier de like, je le fait maintenant

  • Eulalio Hernandez
    Eulalio HernandezΠριν 11 λεπτά

    You love ❤😱 yes

  • Ivan Drums
    Ivan DrumsΠριν 11 λεπτά

    she sings just like Siouxsie and the Banshees

  • Cynthia Cruz
    Cynthia CruzΠριν 11 λεπτά

    I love you

  • enyer rivers
    enyer riversΠριν 12 λεπτά

    This is the weirdest music video

  • Maya Quilici
    Maya QuiliciΠριν 13 λεπτά

    Interesting idea

  • Rebel King
    Rebel KingΠριν 13 λεπτά

    Ok but tell me why that would be me only stealing food instead of like more expensive stuff.

  • E v e
    E v eΠριν 14 λεπτά

    wheres her mask? Thats not very COVID of you

  • sip :v .-.

    sip :v .-.

    Πριν 5 λεπτά

    Claramente se ve que no ahi personas aparte de ella en ese lugar. 😐

  • harun
    harunΠριν 14 λεπτά

    Who else spotted a watermelon here... 😁

    UZZWAL FFΠριν 15 λεπτά

    I think fromm all country they are seeeing😲❤

  • Hinsley SLA
    Hinsley SLAΠριν 15 λεπτά

    What mall is this?

  • Mariano Valdovinos
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    SIEANNA SWABYΠριν 16 λεπτά

    I think the one's that like this video has more taste in music than the one's that have disliked this video

  • Maria C Miranda Gomez
    Maria C Miranda GomezΠριν 16 λεπτά

    Biliiii te amo mucho

  • Alejandra Reyes
    Alejandra ReyesΠριν 16 λεπτά

    A love yuu

  • Xullk
    XullkΠριν 16 λεπτά

    This Melody is taken from Battle block theater theme

  • Elemeno
    ElemenoΠριν 18 λεπτά

    this feels like product placement

  • Josip Z.
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  • Joe 2000
    Joe 2000Πριν 21 λεπτό

    She kinda looks like emo Scarlett Johansson

  • yunus yildiz
    yunus yildizΠριν 21 λεπτό

    ulan sanki ihtiyacı var

  • Kawaii Narwhal Brinley
    Kawaii Narwhal BrinleyΠριν 21 λεπτό

    Everyone else: this song is so cool! Me: WHY IS SHE NOT EATING THE PRETZEL

  • Nathan
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    AMXYARGAMINGΠριν 23 λεπτά

    Can we accept the fact that billie walked in a store and took the food?

  • strawberrymilkii
    strawberrymilkiiΠριν 23 λεπτά

    Billie: * runs up an escalator * My Anxiety: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Kia Bush
    Kia BushΠριν 23 λεπτά

    People: Billie Eilish Accent Challenge! No one: Not a soul: Billie Eilish: posts this song.

  • Mutant
    MutantΠριν 24 λεπτά

    People after corona: "Who's here after pandemic" Same people after 10 years: Don't say who's here in 2030 cause we never left

  • Tomas Molina
    Tomas MolinaΠριν 25 λεπτά

    Let's go to the mall, Today!!!!

  • Peterson vaz
    Peterson vazΠριν 25 λεπτά

    I Love youuuu billie💙💙💙💙💙🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌💖💖💖💖

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    Lara SilvaΠριν 25 λεπτά

    Alguém do brasiiiiil plmds😂🤩😍

  • Luna Camila Antunez Cruz
    Luna Camila Antunez CruzΠριν 25 λεπτά

    tienes buena musica eres muy buena

  • Mutant
    MutantΠριν 26 λεπτά

    Some people will say "Who is here after pandemic" and after 10 years when this will come in recommendation people will say "Don't say who's here in 2030 cause we never left"

  • Aubrey Rottermond
    Aubrey RottermondΠριν 27 λεπτά

    Gurl stop what the hell you talking about like lol

  • Stealthy
    StealthyΠριν 27 λεπτά

    No one: Billie: mah food

  • Karina Cillo
    Karina CilloΠριν 28 λεπτά

    She has a great voice, but I didn't like the video clip. Sorry.

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  • IMoRTaL Clan
    IMoRTaL ClanΠριν 29 λεπτά

    Is she good she took 1 donut

  • el fenómeno
    el fenómenoΠριν 30 λεπτά

    K2R-FREESTYLE ALGÉRIEN come see the freestyle

  • Acey Face
    Acey FaceΠριν 31 λεπτό

    Billie Eilish and the pretzel. Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

  • Horton Farms
    Horton FarmsΠριν 31 λεπτό

    boring! Next.

  • Anna Rioch
    Anna RiochΠριν 34 λεπτά

    OMG I love Billie Eilish

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    Sam WhitmoreΠριν 34 λεπτά

    SO cool!!!!

  • Sam Whitmore
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  • M Rr
    M RrΠριν 36 λεπτά

    For those of you who need this, here. 2:46

  • Auston Knudson 2028
    Auston Knudson 2028Πριν 37 λεπτά

    Amagine someone posting in the comments and then gets a replie from billie

  • Billié Eilish

    Billié Eilish

    Πριν 36 λεπτά art

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  • Sunny Freitag
    Sunny FreitagΠριν 38 λεπτά

    Look at all the skate spots 😍

  • Kya Sanders
    Kya SandersΠριν 38 λεπτά

    Can you show me some videos like this songs A lot

  • Kimberly Carrazco
    Kimberly CarrazcoΠριν 38 λεπτά

    I love this song 🥰😍

  • Billie Éilish

    Billie Éilish

    Πριν 37 λεπτά art


    God, what I wouldn’t give just to run through an empty mall and eat free food

  • Billie Éilish

    Billie Éilish

    Πριν 37 λεπτά art

  • Billiee Eilish
    Billiee EilishΠριν 40 λεπτά

    I hope you all are safe during this pandemic. May God bless you all and your parents may live a long life. #stayhome #staysafe and Love BILLIE

  • Georgia Power
    Georgia PowerΠριν 40 λεπτά

    Is she Gwinnett mall?

  • Sydney Lou
    Sydney LouΠριν 41 λεπτό

    This was awesome

  • Priscila Avalos
    Priscila AvalosΠριν 41 λεπτό

    el camarografo: bueno men esto ya termina,nunca corri tanto en mi vida xd

  • Ricardo Tauil de souza
    Ricardo Tauil de souzaΠριν 42 λεπτά

    I love you😻

  • Resonant Octave
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    Yes, yes you are.

  • Number 5
    Number 5Πριν 42 λεπτά

    How much did it cost to rent that mail!!!

    ShhhWATCHME OGAΠριν 43 λεπτά

    Empty or full. Nope not ME.

  • Billie Éilish

    Billie Éilish

    Πριν 37 λεπτά art

  • Lucas Albernaz P Cerri
    Lucas Albernaz P CerriΠριν 44 λεπτά

    Mano eu descobri hj q isso foi gravado com um celular

  • Natalia Acero
    Natalia AceroΠριν 44 λεπτά

    Wow 😱

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    martodikromo andyΠριν 45 λεπτά

    Wow like rhis

  • Noahide Comedy
    Noahide ComedyΠριν 47 λεπτά

    Billie Eilish at Deakin Bridge Club with Aaron Goodsell and myself and Carlie Hanson. We are pairs in Bridge and go through the night warring it out with the other experts. Billie is excellent at reading Aaron's mind, and can see his smart moves, almost instinctively. Or so the jokes go. Billie the mind reader, we call her. She likes to drink Coca Cola cans at Midnight at the Deakin shops next to the Bridge club, and listen to portable tape cassette music, while me and Aaron and Carlie chill with her, and we eat packets of Wagon Wheels I have saved for the night, from shopping for them here and there. We play handball on the cement at Deakin shops with the light, and we dress VERY COOL coz we are the coolest canberra clientele.

  • Nakeyara Carrisa
    Nakeyara CarrisaΠριν 47 λεπτά

    i love u billie♡♡♡♡

  • A R
    A RΠριν 47 λεπτά

    If I had an auxiliary chord I’d be blasting this on RPT all night rn!Instead, full blast on Speaker!!! Just like the real thing. I cried. Thank you

  • Amy Lee
    Amy LeeΠριν 47 λεπτά

    I don't want to appear selfish, but I wrote this lyrics primarily for me guys🙂❤ [Chorus] I'm not your friend Or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend Or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am [Verse 1] Stop, what the hell are you talking about? Ha Get my pretty name out of your mouth We are not the same with or without Don't talk 'bout me like how you might know how I feel Top of the world, but your world isn't real Your world's an ideal [Pre-Chorus] So go have fun I really couldn't care less And you can give 'em my best, but just know [Chorus] I'm not your friend Or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend Or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am [Verse 2] I don't want press to put your name next to mine We're on different lines, so I Wanna be nice enough, they don't call my bluff 'Cause I hate to find Articles, articles, articles Rather you remain unremarkable (Got a lotta) Interviews, interviews, interviews When they say your name, I just act confused [Pre-Chorus] Did you have fun? I really couldn't care less And you can give 'em my best, but just know [Chorus] I'm not your friend Or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am I'm not your friend Or anything, damn You think that you're the man I think, therefore, I am [Bridge] I'm sorry I don't think I caught your name I'm sorry I don't think I caught your name [Chorus] I'm not your friend (I'm not your friend) Or anything, damn You think that you're the man (They wanna, they can try) I think, therefore, I am (I am) I'm not your friend (Friend) Or anything, damn (They wanna) You think that you're the man (You're the man) I think, therefore, I am (Therefore, I am)

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    ياسين io

    Πριν 21 λεπτό

    Never mind thank uuuuu so mush

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    Jessela TargosΠριν 48 λεπτά

    You did good in that song Billie eilish 😎

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    ahhh i love her smmm

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  • Noahide Comedy
    Noahide ComedyΠριν 50 λεπτά

    Billie is Beautiful. Can she play Risk the board game?

  • jjk pjm
    jjk pjmΠριν 50 λεπτά

    The "stop wth you talking about " got me chills omg her voice is so deep

  • Daniela Garcia Barrientos
    Daniela Garcia BarrientosΠριν 50 λεπτά

    Love it Love this queen 👑👑

  • Nodira Eshboeva
    Nodira EshboevaΠριν 51 λεπτό

    You know you made it in life when you direct your own music video with not only an iPhone, in one shot (idk if this was done in one shot), and don't even need to add any creativity (idk if she did) and still got almost 2x more views than i.e. Ariana Grande (34+35) ----and Arianas video seems like there was soooooo much more, there a robot version of her, there is dancers, different scenes, just mad shit... like wow. props tho, I love Billie for who she is but I think next time i would like to see a video of her showing off her her other videos... and maybe like Halsey (whose soooo artistic in every way)....just my opinion.... i like the song tho

  • Classy Patria Channel
    Classy Patria ChannelΠριν 51 λεπτό

    So, no one is gonna talk about how Billie just stole the foods?? ;-;

  • Eva Ras
    Eva RasΠριν 52 λεπτά

    *billie getting kicked out of the mall* camerman that stayed inside: 👁👄👁

  • Shobhit Sharma
    Shobhit SharmaΠριν 52 λεπτά

    This is a great message by bilie , you need to make sure you run enough before you stuff yourself with high caloric food .

  • Megan Anzaldo
    Megan AnzaldoΠριν 53 λεπτά

    What😱. are you crazy

  • Axavity
    AxavityΠριν 53 λεπτά

    I love you and I also love your music, for you I go to school 🥺

  • Val plays roblox
    Val plays robloxΠριν 54 λεπτά

    She just havin fun and vibin until the producers came to annoy her 😀

  • Megan Anzaldo
    Megan AnzaldoΠριν 54 λεπτά

    Wow you are awesome

  • Val plays roblox
    Val plays robloxΠριν 55 λεπτά

    This is what happened ; her managers told her to go crazy and have fun PERIOD plus many’s she doesn’t like pretzels

  • Erick Ramírez
    Erick RamírezΠριν 55 λεπτά

    Me encanto esta canción pero porque usaste un símbolo malo

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus ChristΠριν 58 λεπτά

    I dig the beat and how you double up your voice or add the chorus effect. Its okay and not to shabby...Im not trying to be just didnt do it for me. I love ya though. You put work into it and there is value in that to me and I respect that. Good job. You deserve it but I know you can do much better musically.

  • Møøn fløwer
    Møøn fløwerΠριν 58 λεπτά

    I love how she just walks around a mall singing while eating food

  • Udell Ramirez
    Udell RamirezΠριν 58 λεπτά

    Is that Franklin mills mall?

  • Val plays roblox
    Val plays robloxΠριν 59 λεπτά

    Why is this the first time I hear it congrats my g nice song

  • yagurl me
    yagurl meΠριν ώρα

    Uhhh ok im not ur friend stop what are u talkin about keep my pretty name outa ur mouth

  • Clara geovana dias Pereira Dias Pereira
    Clara geovana dias Pereira Dias PereiraΠριν ώρα

    Algum brasileiro🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 aqui Da link

  • Rebekah Ferguson
    Rebekah FergusonΠριν ώρα

    Billie makes me confident