How Much Should You Tip Room Service?

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Are we expected to tip room service in hotels? How much should we tip them? Find out about the rules in today's tipping etiquette video!
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  • Muskaan Singh
    Muskaan SinghΠριν 7 μήνες

    A video on sex ettiquettes please

  • Lifestyle with Isabella
    Lifestyle with IsabellaΠριν 7 μήνες

    I agree! It’s nice to leave a little something even when the service charge is included.

  • Megs Lin
    Megs LinΠριν 9 μήνες

    I’ve learned that tipping universally is pretty much appreciated everywhere. Even European countries where the service staff have a salary I still leave about 10-20% for them. If service was horrible and service was included I may leave 5%. In the states I typically start at 20% and factor in service going good of bad it may drop!

  • Girly Sheeny
    Girly SheenyΠριν 9 μήνες

    I will be giving better tips thank you Anna ☺️

  • Loren Renee
    Loren ReneeΠριν 10 μήνες

    Please elegant ladies, in the US tip is so important don’t be stingy. A guy who is stingy with tips will eventually be stingy with you as well. Tip is always appreciated in the US. At a hotel pls tip bell hop who brings up your bags, meals, pool attendants, housekeeping staff when you check out, hair/nail stylists, drivers, car wash attendants, whenever someone does something for you so that you don’t need to do it yourself. Wages have stagnated for years. If your man hasn’t budgeted in gratuity then he is living above his means and has no long term prospects. If you are tight trade in one drink for water ( way better for you) for one meal and boom, now you have tip money.

  • Sidecar 771
    Sidecar 771Πριν 11 μήνες

    No tipping in Japan.

  • Akshita Salwan
    Akshita SalwanΠριν 11 μήνες

    I think some of you said that a tip is necessary in the service industry because they are usually paid less? I'm an accountant. That's a service job. We dont get tips. I think the whole concept of tipping should be removed because most of these restaurants are already charging insane prices for the portion of food, but just because of manners, I tend to leave a 12% tip.

  • Ashley Tupman
    Ashley TupmanΠριν 11 μήνες

    Can you do a video on how much to tip other hotel staff? I travel frequently for work and I usually stay in upscale hotels. I never know if I’m tipping too little or too much! How much to tip bell service, maid, etc? Thank you!

  • dede jesus girl
    dede jesus girlΠριν χρόνο

    anna hi, im a college student and i work in room service and i can tell you that sadly service charge is not a tip for the waitresses😥 it goes to the hotel. (yes we are very pissed that it automatically takes service charge from people because they think it's the tip, not saying that they have to leave one but some people do want to leave tip and they think they tipped. but you cant also tell them that they didnt tip because its not elegant also service charge is already quit relatively expensive

  • Soha Sharif
    Soha SharifΠριν χρόνο

    Short and sweet, Thank you

  • Little Chloe
    Little ChloeΠριν χρόνο

    Always tip in cash. It’s the only way to be sure the service person actually receives it.

  • Billie Little
    Billie LittleΠριν χρόνο

    We were in Cancun some months back and I cannot begin to you tell how important tips are to the service/tourist industry people over there. We stayed in an upscale resort but even there salaries are low. Most workers rely on the tips to feed their families and to survive. Something like US$2.00 a day left for the lady that cleans your room was considered a good tip. I usually left double that amount because the room was always so spotless. Such a small amount to me made such a big difference to her. We are by no means rich but I appreciate and admire hard work so I have no problems in tipping.

  • Tea Baggins
    Tea BagginsΠριν χρόνο

    Tips should be just an option whether in a restaurant, room service or anything else and anywhere in the world. You’re not getting service or eating for free. “I do tip though”

  • Hyliea
    HylieaΠριν χρόνο

    I usually do 20%. But what's a good amount for a drink at a hotel bar. Drinks are usually only 6-10 dollars anyways so the tip will be small. Is there some kind of minimum people usually give?

  • Sarah Harmon
    Sarah HarmonΠριν χρόνο

    I am a server. When people tip me 20% or more, even if they don’t necessarily look wealthy, my opinion of them shoots up. I assume they have money and are generous, kind people. Tip more. It makes you look really good. Also we remember you for next time and you will get better service.

  • Kayleigh Lekahena
    Kayleigh LekahenaΠριν χρόνο

    Service Charge is not always tip!! When I was working in Hong Kong, all hospitality would charge 20% service charge, however this was not a tip and just went to the company. So my advice is to ask where the service charge goes to and then decide on your tip.

  • Amelia Basia
    Amelia BasiaΠριν χρόνο

    “If you can’t afford to tip properly, you can’t afford to eat out” or in this case order room service. Don’t eat out if you can’t afford 20% tip. Or choose a cheaper restaurant. 🤗

  • Tari Tangeo
    Tari TangeoΠριν χρόνο

    Where I live managers in the hotels collect the tips before room service workers do the work so don't bother with it in post-soviet countries.

  • Heidi Foss
    Heidi FossΠριν χρόνο

    Note to one self thanks Anna very much

  • Mel
    MelΠριν χρόνο

    In the UK I think 10% rounded up is OK for all tipping situations.

  • Favmamota Ojo
    Favmamota OjoΠριν χρόνο

    Learnt alot, we learn evrrday💞

  • Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE
    Cleopatra TROPHY WIFEΠριν χρόνο


  • Linda Arvola
    Linda ArvolaΠριν χρόνο

    I wouldt tip more than 5 euros here in Spain

  • Rozanna
    RozannaΠριν χρόνο

    I always leave a tip and a good one. Often, I’d say “have a cup of coffee on me” and I’d leave at least Euro 5. If it’s a full meal and I was keeping them busy, I have been known to tip Euro 10 to 15 . However, I never make a big deal out of it. The “have a cup of coffee on me” seems to work nicely. Maybe I am being a low class peasant doing that?

  • Harajuku3000
    Harajuku3000Πριν χρόνο

    🤔 Is it ok to ask at checkin about tipping procedure for the hotel? Or is that not elegant? 😔

  • Lindsay Cariad
    Lindsay CariadΠριν χρόνο

    In America, u ALWAYS tip. Service people are paid less than 3$ an hour. If u don’t tip, u r just a cheap, ungrateful, inconsiderate individual.

  • Marsha Lynn
    Marsha LynnΠριν χρόνο

    School Of Affluence, Yes it's good to leave a tip. Especially when on vacation at a luxury hotel in Jamaica West Indies. The Bell Boy will appreciate it and so will the Maid and the Butler assigned to your room.

  • Amerye K.
    Amerye K.Πριν χρόνο

    Please do a Jewelry video, and a video on afternoon tea . Also one on taking European tea (non-British) like French, German, Swedish.

  • Ariell Jenaye
    Ariell JenayeΠριν χρόνο

    I'm American and tipping is big here except there are many detractors lol! When one doesn't tip I think it speaks more to their character than the actual service. It's weird how hostile Americans are towards severs. If you received your food what's the issue? 🤔 Some people are proudly defiant about tipping. Is it the capitalist/classist culture that make patrons feel superior to servers? Strange...

  • Yellie official
    Yellie officialΠριν χρόνο

    In the hotel that we went to the hotel got the tip, i would always give cash straight to the person and not put it on the reciept

  • joanne kerr
    joanne kerrΠριν χρόνο

    In Australia we don't have a tipping culture because service wages are very good.

  • joanne kerr

    joanne kerr

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Crystal Agreed

  • Crystal


    Πριν χρόνο

    Tipping culture actually discourages healthy wages for serve staff.

  • Lori Stewart
    Lori StewartΠριν χρόνο

    I’m in America and I always tip no less than 20%. I come from a long line of women who were servers so I know how much they need the money and work hard for it to provide for their families.

  • Jess Wal
    Jess WalΠριν χρόνο

    If I don't like their service, I'll simply not tip

  • Hannah Lin
    Hannah LinΠριν χρόνο

    New fan to your channel love it

  • Jojo BobaTea
    Jojo BobaTeaΠριν χρόνο

    Great advice! This really worked for me. Thank you for the awesome content, and the motivation!

  • Miriam Medvecova
    Miriam MedvecovaΠριν χρόνο

    Can you make video about table etiquete please?:)

  • bebop
    bebopΠριν χρόνο

    yes, very interesting topic .. safe bet when in doubt 20% ..

  • e bunni
    e bunniΠριν χρόνο

    I'm American and have worked in service jobs for a long time. When in doubt, tip more. Usually the difference is a dollar or two and can make someone else's day better. Second, if for some reason you won't tip (that doesn't have to do with the service) DO NOT EXPLAIN WHY. It's very irritating to smile and nod while someone tells you why you are not worth tipping. If your service is poor you may explain why no tip or ask to speak to a manager. Also if your food is wrong or cold or etc; speak up politely about it. A good server will be happy to fix your problem and have you be a repeat customer.

  • asmrsounds
    asmrsoundsΠριν χρόνο

    I don't know why tipping is still there. I mean, we all work hard. Do you tip a post man? Baker? Probably not. If they decided to work as a room staff then they knew the consequences. 🤷 Plus sometimes people demand tips as if they are obligatory and actually are arrogant and rude and someone who's not left anything is treated like a scrooge.

  • asmrsounds


    Πριν χρόνο

    @Kynsley Scribante is it my fault? No. If they still decided to work then its their problem not mine. Why should I cover for them? There are other not well paid jobs - AM I obliged give them my money?

  • Kynsley Scribante

    Kynsley Scribante

    Πριν χρόνο

    Because people who work in restaurants are paid 2 dollars an hour like where I work no tips = no pay just remember that when you go to eat ...

  • Catharina Vanhuizes
    Catharina VanhuizesΠριν χρόνο

    10% in NL or keep the change. It’s nice but not necessary.

  • Miguel Toscano
    Miguel ToscanoΠριν χρόνο

    Can someone point me in the right direction, I’m trying to find videos on GRglo how to date rich women.

  • Deborah Griswold-Hatch
    Deborah Griswold-HatchΠριν χρόνο

    In the United States, a service charge IS NOT CONSIDERED A TIP. The service charge goes to the hotel not the server bringing your food.

  • Cheyondra
    CheyondraΠριν χρόνο

    Anna if you could, please give us your two cents on Fashion Nova. It has really boomed in this past year or so among the youth and a lot of styles can be a hit or miss. Just wanted to know your take on some of thier looks.

  • Brighton
    BrightonΠριν χρόνο

    Anna, can you please make a how-to video on getting a classy marriage and children? Thank you.

  • Cristina Itzerott
    Cristina ItzerottΠριν χρόνο

    Anna, could you please make a video about elegant, comfortable clothes to wear at home? Thank you.

  • Denisa Diana
    Denisa DianaΠριν χρόνο

    love how you got straight to the point and delivered us the info!

  • Angelina Shanta
    Angelina ShantaΠριν χρόνο

    Anna what does your man and your surrounding think of what are you teaching women? I mean.. What you do is absolutely amazing, but does your man feel OK about it?

  • Cintia Cin
    Cintia CinΠριν χρόνο

    When are you going to do your next "law of attraction" video? I really liked the videos you've made on this topic!!

  • TikiTorchGamin
    TikiTorchGaminΠριν χρόνο

    It makes me sad how much hate she gets. She is so respectful and elegant and doesnt deserve the negative comments. She did nothing wrong besides give us helpful tips on how to be accepted into high society and more! If Anna is reading this. Ignore all the negative comments. I for one LOVE your videos and have been putting them into my daily life. Keep doing what your doing, and dont let anyone get in your way! :) (But please ignore my username it's not classy at all I need to change it xD)

  • Fioneenacockeen


    Πριν χρόνο

    @Ellie M. Ha ha ha! Exactly!

  • Ellie M.

    Ellie M.

    Πριν χρόνο

    😂 your end comment finishes your paragraph perfectly

  • Corset Kitten
    Corset KittenΠριν χρόνο

    Waitstaff in the US make minimum wage or less in most places. That is $7.28 per hour. Some places take 10-20% out of your paycheck to compensate them for what you make in tips.(Casinos) yes it’s not fair. So please leave a tip. And not a nickel.

  • Alison DB
    Alison DBΠριν χρόνο

    One more thing, I think a person can get stuck in the “appropriate tip amount” from when they are at an age to tip. I remember tipping $2 for delivery of pizza, I was still in that “zone” when I heard it’s now more like $5-10. It shocked me, but then again my old aunt was still tipping the grocery helper a quarter .25 😂 in 2010!

  • Joan Commissiong
    Joan CommissiongΠριν χρόνο

    I use my Tip Calculator!

  • Alison DB
    Alison DBΠριν χρόνο

    It’s a good idea to leave a thank you note and indicate the cash is a tip for their great service. I’ve left tips without a note & the cleanings staff will not take the cash - because they are unsure.

  • Gentacles
    GentaclesΠριν χρόνο

    I’d like to see more videos about your life and experiences!

  • Hannah McNeill
    Hannah McNeillΠριν χρόνο

    Anna, I would like to second the request for dinner conversation but specifically with the wait staff and staff at hotels, perhaps while checking in and such. This seems so basic but I find myself having a hard time knowing exactly where my graciousness should end and my confidence begin. Being too apologetic and stuff, I don’t want to look pathetic. But I do with to travel and sleep and dine at nicer establishments. How do I practice this or improve my skills with just general conversation. What’s too deep or personal of questions? What too direct? Too bossy? Having a hard time finding this balance.

  • bebop


    Πριν χρόνο

    just be yourself.....surely it's great.....

  • iris mengri
    iris mengriΠριν χρόνο

    but in most of the cases, breakfast is included in hotels so you dont receive a bill, you still have to let tips?

  • Kaz Kaffenberger
    Kaz KaffenbergerΠριν χρόνο

    Hi Anna, could you please talk about feeling intimidated when meeting people from high society? How to combat that?

  • Elena and Clara
    Elena and ClaraΠριν χρόνο

    Derral E just mentioned you at Power of Video in Belfast!! You need your photo on this thumbnail..I think it's not as clickable without you on there!!

  • Jo x
    Jo xΠριν χρόνο

    I wonder if Anna ever breaks character and watches something like stranger things or game of thrones or listens to like Billie eilish or post malone. My guess to her favourites are: Perfume: chanel chance eau tendre Movie: other boleyn girl , Marie Antoinette, James bond Book: the perfume collector by Kathleen tesaro ( anna you would love this book! It's about a woman who works her self up to high society in Paris through rich men. I loved it) TV show: the crown Let me know if I was right about any of these :)

  • Michelle Gil
    Michelle GilΠριν χρόνο

    My mom always taught me to always tip the services because they are working hard and who knows how their days been.

  • MoveMekMiPaZz
    MoveMekMiPaZzΠριν χρόνο

    I just subscribe to you, it's good for me to learn new things, thanks.

  • MoonSybil
    MoonSybilΠριν χρόνο

    I'm travelling a lot between Germany, Japan England ad sometimes India. I'm always tipping because is of course appropriate. I don't tip in Italy (I'm alf italian alf german growing up in itay) because is not required and no one expeting that. I can't tip in Japan. Once I tried. They gave me the tip back when I decided to live the room for walking 🤣

  • wanjiru chelagat
    wanjiru chelagatΠριν χρόνο

    Anna what do you do when you are having dinner with your man and his business associates and they are talking business and analytics that you don't really understand. Do you keep silent ,check your phone ask a question? I find it frustrating

  • Alyona Anna
    Alyona AnnaΠριν χρόνο

    Could you do a perfume collection?😍😍😍

  • Lindsay McPupps
    Lindsay McPuppsΠριν χρόνο

    I'm not a fan of tipping, I find it may patronise, and demoralise ... sorry 😐

  • Marz


    Πριν χρόνο

    Plus some service isn't that helpful or they can have attitudes or unconcern.

  • Lindsay McPupps

    Lindsay McPupps

    Πριν χρόνο

    @holly holly and I always wonder if I've insulted ...

  • holly holly

    holly holly

    Πριν χρόνο

    Lindsay McPupps me too

  • Shilpa Niraj
    Shilpa NirajΠριν χρόνο

    Hey Anna, please share a video on how to work a room at a party.

  • Jen Jen
    Jen JenΠριν χρόνο

    In Australia they’re not big tippers.. your lucky to see 5% if anything at all. Most quality establishments now have a service charge here so most people regard that as the tip (that has to be paid). It’s not compulsory to pay it over here & totally depends on how you rated the service, food and ambience provided.

  • M. Sheridan
    M. SheridanΠριν χρόνο

    Thank you so much for the info. I didn't know the meaning of service charge. Thanks

  • MsAppleofhiseye
    MsAppleofhiseyeΠριν χρόνο

    I tip based on SERVICE. Period. As well, I Find it intrusive and very disrespectful that some places take the tip. I mean really...

  • Courtnei Jennings
    Courtnei JenningsΠριν χρόνο

    Hi! I was wondering if you can make a video of your perfume collection. I have a small one because I have 2 signature scents. I don't want to expand my scents because I feel like less is always more, I just want to step my scents up. So maybe ill gain some inspiration from you. Plus the discontinued one of my favorite scent and I believe they are about to do the same with the other one because its on sale everywhere.

  • Cinders Molloy

    Cinders Molloy

    Πριν χρόνο

    I hate it when that happens

  • Leah DelPezzo
    Leah DelPezzoΠριν χρόνο

    Yes , thank you for adding this piece, Anna. I was a bartender for years in the US. Myself and the other bartenders and servers were paid about half of typical minimum wage ($5 per hour for servers and $7 per hour for bartenders. Minimum wage in the US is upwards of $15 per hour and rising). A lot of establishments, whether they are restaurants or hotels or whatever expect to pay service employees less than livable with the expectation they will be tipped. In fact, it’s acceptable and legal, to pay less to employees who work service jobs where tips are expected. Tips are so necessary and important to service workers. Etiquette goes so much further than the way you are perceived by the people around you. It’s so important to treat people with respect and understand how you affect them by your actions.

  • Leah DelPezzo

    Leah DelPezzo

    Πριν χρόνο

    Deborah Griswold-Hatch oh wow I wasn’t aware minimum wages were so low here. I worked in Vermont where minimum wage is around $10.50 per hour. That’s pretty average in the Northeast and New England where the cost of living is higher, compared to Southern States. My point in saying that was to bring light to the true importance of tipping. If servers aren’t tipped properly they aren’t being paid fairly. It’s really in the hands of the consumer to pay people fairly in this case. It’s cultural and, despite being from the US, I find it to be a strange concept. Why don’t employers just pay their employees fairly and not rely on their clientele to pay their employees. If you really look at it, it’s quite rude for establishments to charge you and also expect you to pay their staff.

  • Deborah Griswold-Hatch

    Deborah Griswold-Hatch

    Πριν χρόνο

    Leah DelPezzo federal minimum wage in the USA is $7.25. So areas of the country with a high cost of living pay service industry people more and places like Texas pay them $2.13.

  • holly holly
    holly hollyΠριν χρόνο

    I don't tip unless the service was magnificent. I just thank them and be nice to them. I know salary can be low but it`s not my resposibilty, their employers should think about that. I feel like service people are doing their work and tip is unneccecary. That's just my opinion

  • holly holly

    holly holly

    Πριν χρόνο

    Jan T I don’t live in the US. But the system doesn’t sound good

  • Jan T

    Jan T

    Πριν χρόνο

    holly holly in USA, your food servers pays taxes on your bill as IRS calculates an income per food sold by each server. So, it is indeed a type of theft to not tip food servers. They worked and paid money for you to eat? Bad system, but way it is. Very nasty not to tip in the USA.

  • Abigail Johnson

    Abigail Johnson

    Πριν χρόνο

    holly holly Many servers have to "tip out" a percentage of their expected tips to bus boys, hostesses, bartenders, etc. So if you don't tip, the restaurant still makes the server tip out the busboys and such from their very low base pay, and so they could actually end up losing money on your table. I agree it should be the employer's obligation to pay their servers fairly, but sadly that is just not the case in America. $2.13 an hour minus tipouts is in no way a livable wage on its own, so you should always always tip servers.

  • jay tee
    jay teeΠριν χρόνο

    Do you have any tips on decorating a home elegantly ??

  • Mary LaFrance
    Mary LaFranceΠριν χρόνο

    I am learning so much from you Anna, about fitting in better with high society and socially with colleagues of my husband. Thank you for doing this topic. My husband travels and stays in top notch hotels, always leaving a tip for the maids.

  • Dolsie Mercado
    Dolsie MercadoΠριν χρόνο


  • NoraQ8
    NoraQ8Πριν χρόνο

    I watch all your videos and some days I think I can live this lifestyle.. other days I remember that I’m fat and not so pretty and it seems difficult if I don’t lose weight and try to be the best version of myself.

  • NoraQ8


    Πριν χρόνο

    M C whether or not I go after a rich lifestyle is up to me. Thanks

  • M C

    M C

    Πριν χρόνο

    I appreciate the many useful tips Anna shares, but I don’t think we should go after the rich lifestyle. I’m middle class and very happy with life. There are far more important things than having a lot of stuff and traveling around all the time. I’ve got a loving husband and children, a pleasant home, peace in my heart. I think some young girls may end up being used and abused by some men if the girls aren’t wise. Be careful , young ladies. My daughter was abused by an older man , and she has suffered with all kinds of problems for years as a result. How do we become wise? Get to know the God who made us.

  • Kujji Tafari
    Kujji TafariΠριν χρόνο

    Also don't forget to tip your housekeeper!

  • Angela Dan
    Angela DanΠριν χρόνο

    Tipping is always awkward...

  • Princess Julia

    Princess Julia

    Πριν χρόνο

    To be honest I travel alot ( for pleasure) and I have a new way of tipping . I tip the staff on my arrival this way I can be absolutely sure I get great service all through my stay. Try it it really works .

  • Princess Julia

    Princess Julia

    Πριν χρόνο

    Yes I agree. Especially when your a women travelling alone.

  • Magda L
    Magda LΠριν χρόνο

    In Poland we only tip when we are satisfied, it is a reward, not an obligation

  • Barrie Cuda

    Barrie Cuda

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Janeway's Starz that is an accurate statement, the employer does need to make the difference to bring the employee to minimum. People can not survive on the minimum in the US which is why certain states have raised it to almost double the federal level. That is how behind the times the federal USA minimum wage is. Other countries have minimums that far exceed the USA with lower costs of living. We need our minimum wage fixed prior to the tipping issue. If minimum actually covered the minimum cost of living, then I could get behind making the employer pay and doing away with tipping. In the meantime TIPS. To insure prompt service.

  • Janeway's Starz

    Janeway's Starz

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Barrie Cuda ALL restaurant and other service employees are required to be paid minimum wage in all states. If they are getting $2.13 per hour and don't have enough tips to make up for minimum wage, their employer HAS TO PAY the difference. This is the law. Owners LOVE it when you tip, because they don't have to make up the difference, so they get by with paying their employees very little, because you & others paid their wages.

  • Barrie Cuda

    Barrie Cuda

    Πριν χρόνο

    At the federal level USA minimum wage is 7.25 per hour. Tipped employees are only required to be paid 2.13 per hour. This is why it is the custom to tip 20 percent for good service. In addition, tips are often split amongst support staff as well.

  • Nerionna AlbanianGirl

    Nerionna AlbanianGirl

    Πριν χρόνο

    in Albania to its not Obligation , if you want it you can tip and if you dont its normal .

  • Selena Casper
    Selena CasperΠριν χρόνο

    I don’t understand tips... the person is doing their job that I already paid for.... why do I need to pay more?

  • Lisa


    Πριν χρόνο

    Sorry but 😖

  • Janeway's Starz

    Janeway's Starz

    Πριν χρόνο

    Both customers and employees are basically getting ripped off by the tipping culture. The one who benefits the most, is the EMPLOYER / OWNER. Tips are beneficial to the EMPLOYER / OWNER, because they don't have to pay their employees much in wages. The owners get by very cheaply, figuring that the customers will pay the servers' wages, besides paying for their food, etc. If it weren't for tips, servers would be getting benefits and better wages, just like employees do at office jobs, etc.

  • Janeway's Starz

    Janeway's Starz

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Crystal That is so true. Tips are beneficial to the EMPLOYER / OWNER, because they don't have to pay their employees much in wages. The owners get by very cheaply, figuring that the customers will pay the servers' wages, besides paying for their food, etc.

  • Crystal


    Πριν χρόνο

    @Sil Via ''service industry jobs , don't have benefits and much lower income than a standard minimum wage'' that is exactly encouraged by the tipping culture. Get rid of the tips then serve staff will get their proper salary and benefits.

  • C.


    Πριν χρόνο

    The word comes from Tips Insure Prompt Service. The theory being that if a server got paid either way, they would be very slow and indifferent to the customer. But when people over tip, the employers just use that as an opportunity to reduce the employee's wages. Causing an increase in tension between the server and the customer, which results in annoyingly intrusive service. "Are you still okay, from 60 seconds ago when I last asked?".

  • danitrajano
    danitrajanoΠριν χρόνο

    I work at a 5 stars hotel in Algarve, Portugal and I‘m loving this serie of videos about hotel etiquette. Looking forward to more videos like this, great work!

  • Agota Mar
    Agota MarΠριν χρόνο

    Time to time I'm helping my colleagues in a room service in 5 stars hotel in Copenhagen. Where is actually quite good salaries, but still you expect some tips, because from service charge they don't get nothing.

  • C.
    C.Πριν χρόνο

    Tip creep, 15% is just fine in the States. Once upon a time the magic number was 10%. So if people go around saying "around 20%", soon enough they'll be saying around 25%. Tipping is a lot like saying: How is it going? The point is, you have to do it, but you don't have to elaborate on it. When someone over tips. Around a third of the time, the recipient just takes the tip and doesn't think about it. And, a third of the time, they question the tipper's motives. Is she insecure? Is she angling for a favor? And the last third, the recipient is pleased and will remember the tipper in a good light. But, when anyone over tips, they have declared their standard amount to those recipients. And, if they ever decide to tip less (even if that less is simply the normal amount from other people), they will be looked at as being a jerk.

  • Janeway's Starz

    Janeway's Starz

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Betty Swole-Patrol People aren't there to pay your whole salary. That is up to your employer. Employers are required to see that you get at least minimum wage, which consists of your employer salary and tips. Many servers make some of the best wages around, like $30.00 to $50.00 an hour during meal times. We got to know a couple of servers at a chain restaurant, and one of them quit her office job, because her restaurant job paid a lot more.

  • Cinders Molloy

    Cinders Molloy

    Πριν χρόνο

    Yes, this is so true. I know many people in the service industry and once you go down from your usual percentage for a tip they become disgruntled and question your motives. That is why I do not hang out around them any more.

  • Betty Swole-Patrol

    Betty Swole-Patrol

    Πριν χρόνο

    15% is considered a poor tip. If you are seeking to level up it should be 50%. I work in the industry currently. You have to realize that when a person is tipped they only keep some of that money. They have to tip out other employees . So if a person is tipped 10 dollars, they only keep 5-8 of it.

  • Jennifer
    JenniferΠριν χρόνο

    Would love a video about jewelry!! Something for everyday, evening and then special occasion!

  • I Sale
    I SaleΠριν χρόνο

    Here in latin america we need rhat tip because it will help is a alot thanks for your help honestly big thanks I also tip when I fo to some places because I know it would help them

  • Suzi SaintJames
    Suzi SaintJamesΠριν χρόνο

    Also, whilst eating at a breakfast buffet, do you leave a tip when the only thing the server did was take away a dirty plate? ❤🌅🌵

  • Suzi SaintJames

    Suzi SaintJames

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Betty Swole-Patrol, even 20%? What I'd normally give a server that brought the food and refilled drinks? P.s. servers don't clear tables, bus people do that.

  • Betty Swole-Patrol

    Betty Swole-Patrol

    Πριν χρόνο

    Yes. Absolute tip. Those plates don't move themselves

  • Jen Jen

    Jen Jen

    Πριν χρόνο

    I always leave a few dollars in the centre of the table after I am finished. I make it a point to say thank you to the person clearing up after me. He or she is clearing away your dirty dishes, they should be tipped.

  • MsAppleofhiseye


    Πριν χρόνο


  • Suzi SaintJames
    Suzi SaintJamesΠριν χρόνο

    In the USA, do you tip the person who brings the food when you sign the bill? Or leave the tip on the table for the person who takes everything away? Or both? ... Do you ever clean up and leave it in the hallway? Then do you leave a tip? ❤🌅🌵

  • Leah DelPezzo

    Leah DelPezzo

    Πριν χρόνο

    Suzi SaintJames omg what a good question! You got me thinking.

  • Liene Mitre
    Liene MitreΠριν χρόνο

    I always leave tip.,.Amount depends on actual care I get. Its great that there are people who serves you but quality of it also counts for me..

  • Nessa
    NessaΠριν χρόνο

    At home I even tip the grocery delivery guy because I always feel bad they have to carry everything up to the 3th floor. No elevator. They say I shouldn’t!

  • Cinders Molloy

    Cinders Molloy

    Πριν χρόνο

    I ALWAYS tip the grocery delivery guy

  • Lidia B
    Lidia BΠριν χρόνο

    And what about tipping the cleaning staff, e.g. at the end of the stay at a hotel with daily cleaning service? I usually leave something with a 'thank you' note (so they don't think it was left behind by accidebt) - is it appropriate, and if yes, then how much to leave?

  • Mar Y Sol

    Mar Y Sol

    Πριν χρόνο

    I was a housekeeper for years. Put the money where its not obvious to see when someone enters the room. Sometimes there was coworkers that were sent in the room to tell front desk if it was empty and they would take/steal the housekeeper money when theyd see it. While their job was just to check if the room was occupied or not and leave to the next room. If you can give 2$ everyday its still very nice. If everybody gave 2$ at the end of the day the housekeeper could do at least 20$ tips everyday its always nice. A little bit everytime a housekeeper cleans your room is better than a big tip at the end of the stay because if the one that cleaned your room the whole week has her day off when its your last day, then another housekeeper will get all the money the other one worked for during the week. You can still do it anyway the other housekeeper also worked the whole week but some housekeepers work harder to leave your room clean its better to give some everyday.

  • Jeanette H.

    Jeanette H.

    Πριν χρόνο

    Be as generous as you can, based on your budget and how satisfied you were with the service. It's nice to leave a note, but not necessary. Just leave it on the desk or table in the room--they will know it's for them.

  • Alison DB

    Alison DB

    Πριν χρόνο

    Lidia B I always leave a tip at the end of a stay, at least $5 per day, if we haven’t needed service daily. More if they are making our beds and cleaning daily. At our time share we leave a good size tip, depending in the number if people staying with us.

  • Lidia B

    Lidia B

    Πριν χρόνο

    @Jen Jen thanks for the hint. I'd need to carry an envelope with me next time, they are not always available in the hotel room ;) I usually strip down my bed at hostels, where I needed to put on the sheets myself. I have never done it in the daily cleaning type of hotels, so thanks for the advice. Still the question is - how much to tip? And two notes from myself: Note1: I find that daily cleaning service is too much for me, especially if I travel alone on a business trip, and I leave the 'do not disturb' card on the door every now and then. I can't make the room (and bathroom) that messy if I am there only for the night, so why ask for daily cleaning? Especially that some of the days are a Sunday or a national holiday and I thought, if even 25% of hotel guests give up cleaning every other day, the cleaning staff will have less work to do, and less cleaning products are used, less energy, and less water... Note 2: Next time I travel on my own and get a double room, which is often the case, I will ask for one set of duvet/bed sheets. When I think how often a second basically unused set needs to be washed and pressed, how much energy, water, washing powder and manpower needs to be invested... our planet needs our consideration! I don't really care now of it's good manners or not, it's purely wasteful! My entire team of 6 during the last business trip, each separately in a room, got 12 sets of sheets to wash... So bad for the environment... So in addition to having towels changed per need, I want to be the change and be the one who starts asking for just one set of sheets.

  • Jen Jen

    Jen Jen

    Πριν χρόνο

    Lidia B In my experience it’s good manners to tip cleaning staff by leaving an envelope under or on the pillow of your bed! Put their name on it if you know it or just address it to the Maid. Worldwide (I’ve travelled extensively) most cleaning staff/maids know this is for them. I make it a point to always tip the maids because they are the most hardworking out of all the hotel staff. Another thing if your travelling solo & can spare 5mins, strip down the bed. So basically take pillow slips off the pillows & roll off your sheets, duvet cover & leave them in a pile at the end of the bed. It’s not a necessity but a super nice thing to do - trust me, if you’re a regular traveller they will get to know your name & anything you need the hotel staff will be more than happy to provide for you. Simply because you know how hardworking they are.. a strong sense of community is what good wealthy people value. They take care of you & you return that as best as you are able (obviously you’re paying for a service but sometimes going the extra mile within yourself is worth making someone else’s day that little bit better/easier) It’s called ‘pass it on’..!

  • Victoria Bellanova
    Victoria BellanovaΠριν χρόνο

    I'm a 20% elegant lady!

  • Angel Angel
    Angel AngelΠριν χρόνο

    Well in the US it’s required to tip people when they serve you or deliver stuff to you, but know that prices are raised high do to inflation and Trumps trade war going with China prices are know really high. So if your coming to the US know just make sure to have extra cash on you, because not only are prices going to be high but the cost of living is going to go more up.

  • Amanda P
    Amanda PΠριν χρόνο

    Tip just about everyone in America that provides a service. Room service, salon, porter who brings up bags and loads car, and even doorman.

  • Amanda P

    Amanda P

    Πριν χρόνο

    I totally forgot maid service. Leave something for every day they cleaned your room

  • Anna Rostocka
    Anna RostockaΠριν χρόνο

    I always tips generously. In America is the MUST

  • Laura Contreras
    Laura ContrerasΠριν χρόνο

    We tip everywhere in the U.S., room service, waitstaff in general, and valet. In Latin American countries and Europe, it is just courteous to tip the valet but not normal to tip the waitstaff - which can be irritating. It took us forever to order a second bottle of wine in Milan (in a Michelin star restaurant) because the waiters have little incentive to be constantly attentive.

  • ParisAntarktis
    ParisAntarktisΠριν χρόνο

    what to do, when...I am invited to a work event in 4 or 5 star hotel and everything is paid by company. But I cannot afford to tip, I am working class, salaries ale low in my country and to give them 20% is making me hungry tomorrow. I do not want to insult them, but my employer is not reimbursing tips. (You do not receive a receipt/invoice for tips and they cannot put it into books (accounting).

  • Jen Jen

    Jen Jen

    Πριν χρόνο

    If your boss is telling you to be there he should get the tab PLUS the tip. Don’t feel bad about it, pass the tip expense on to him.

  • Emma Emmanuelle

    Emma Emmanuelle

    Πριν χρόνο

    ParisAntarktis exactly!!!

  • Shanerra Brooks
    Shanerra BrooksΠριν χρόνο

    Hi Anna, Been on Jetsetbabe since the beginning of time.👍 As a tip for future reference I would like to see more videos on everyday problems that a lady might encounter when entering high society as opposed to problems of someone who is established in it. The tipping etiquette for room service might only apply if a woman was in business that allowed travel or she saved up for a trip. Otherwise since you advocate hypergamy this is really the gentlemans concern. Let's see more videos on the best ways to learn a new foreign language, your usual routines, a vlog, and also I'd like to hear more of your personal thoughts on marriage & children even if you are not there yet. What steps are you taking to get the marriage? These are questions that would pull in more viewership and also create more dialogue.☺💍

  • Cinders Molloy

    Cinders Molloy

    Πριν χρόνο

    Yes I second his.

  • Osiris
    OsirisΠριν χρόνο

    I am an affluent American, and trusting that not all countries treat their wait staff well financially I always give them a twenty dollar bill-if the tip is included that’s all well and fine-they can add my $20 cash in hand as a mini-bonus for great service, because I do expect excellent service. If I go to a country I may or may not ask depending on the circumstances and my mood-if someone is insulted by my American ways and personal tipping methods perhaps I will suggest that they reassess their job choice, and tell them it’s meant to be a compliment not an insult as I am a capitalist and believe in the value of excellent service and money. :)

  • TiffiT.
    TiffiT.Πριν χρόνο

    So true a service charge doesn’t mean that the server will automatically get it. I worked at a hotel for years and the service charge went to the hotel. Sometimes the server will get a certain percentage of the service charge but not all. Room service is hard and a huge pain in the a** to be honest...dealing w the kitchen, packing up everything individually, cold food, hot food, condiments, drinks...and then there are the carts with wheels that don’t work especially on rugs and trying to push them onto an elevator....😣😖😫😩

  • Missfrankiecat


    Πριν χρόνο

    In the UK I always leave the tip in cash when paying the bill by plastic. Then it's up to the server whether they hand it over to management or not.

  • zinab2blessa
    zinab2blessaΠριν χρόνο

    To be honest I was confused on what to give when I was in the US. Sometimes I gave too much and other times too little because I got confused😕 Where I live it is polite to leave a tip speically if the service was good or you are at a nice restaurant. Other than that, it is up to you. I guess it's always beter to read up on the customs of that particular country before visiting to avoid the confusion 🌸